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You first, then Me

Networking Wednesday was a great success, following the new format encouraged connections like never before! Thanks, Jeff for organizing the day and facilitating the process!

Willie Kibiru shared the Devotion, "He is Coming Back." Sharing one of his life hacks to, "knowing that Jesus is in every room that I enter. It serves me when I feel intimidated as well as when my ego needs to be checked." Download an outline of the devotion here.

Tim shared updates to the WCBN website designed to help communicate weekly meeting happenings and Announcements from members of events and activities we're involved in.

Member Announcements summary. (You can find more information here)

  • Neil Scott-Barbour: Souly Business - April 24-26, 2020

  • Lynne Saunders: "Have a heart for the Hungry" campaign

  • Lynne Saunders: "Substance Abuse Family Support" program

Reference: Opening video "How can I embrace my faith when my work doesn't feel sacred?" from the STONE TABLE.

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