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You Are Responsible

First, we want to thank Rep. Wes Cantrell for his time and participation in our Zoom meeting yesterday. We had a great turnout, discussion, and common sense guidance as we move through this COVID-19 journey.

Jennifer Snyder opened with a devotion based on Isaiah 55 followed by a heartfelt prayer for the current times. You can download Jennifer's prayer here.

Meeting Summary

Count it all joy!

  • Be part of the solution, not the problem.

  • Look for the positives.

  • What is God teaching me?

You are responsible FOR yourself.

  • Don’t rely on the government or even the church to solve your problems.

  • Seek God for wisdom and respond accordingly.

You are responsible TO others.

  • Look for creative opportunities to serve others during this time.

Extend extra grace...We’ve never done this before.

  • People are stressed.

  • Be kind.

Limit your consumption of news on TV.

  • Find reliable sources of information.

Do Something

  • Get outside.

  • Go for a walk.

  • Drive to the park.

  • Play golf.

  • Spend time with family.

  • Play a board game.

  • Work a puzzle.

God Bless

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