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Seeing With 2020 Vision

Seeing With 2020 Vision: Engaging Friends and Neighbors

Our 2020 Vision includes increasing member participation and our influence in the community. This includes increasing our community involvement and engaging more local businesses and faith organizations.

This Wednesday WCBN will hear from the heart of Lori Baker, one of our regular members. Lori is the Founder and Executive Director of Next Step Ministries. Lori will present…

* The Next Step Ministries Story

* Challenges on the Horizon

* The NSM “Stepping Up and Out” Campaign

* Taking on the Challenge

As part of our Workshop Wednesday series, we will present and engage in a group conversation about ways that WCBN, individually and corporately, can use our gifts, talents, and influence to support Next Step Ministries.

Come see what God has planned for your business!

Learn more about Next Step Ministries

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