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Open Floor Wednesday

We will “Open” the floor for everyone this coming Wednesday to network and share.

The general framework will include:

  • introduction (elevator pitch)

  • ask questions related to 'Faith at Work' or WCBN

  • express needs & concerns about their business and seek feedback from others

This meeting will include a special emphasis on prayer. We will have a time of open/corporate prayer for:

  • Our members and their business needs

  • The local Christian business community

  • Christians in business across the US and the Nations

  • A spiritual awakening in the workplace that will lead to the advancement of the gospel


We are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Room set-up and tear down

  • Hospitality

  • Food cost/provision

We are also looking for candidates interested in our G.P.S. Program (Group Problem Solving – Navigation Assistance for Business)

  • This is an opportunity for a member to present their current business or business idea to the group (plans, successes, challenges, unknowns) and allow the group to provide feedback and support.

  • This can be done on a company level (preferred) or on an employee position level (in certain situations)

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