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Get our of your Comfort Zone

When we get out of our comfort zone, we are growing. Yes, it may be scary and you may fail, but you may find a new purpose in your life beyond what you ever imagined.

We were blessed last week with Victoria Hall sharing her story about overcoming her comfort zone to find a new purpose in her life serving with Cru at Kennesaw State University. You can learn more about Cru here and contact Victoria at

Check out where our members are involved in the community on our new Announcements page on the WCBN website. Here’s a summary of the announcements shared last week. See more at WCBN Announcements.

  • Susan Guda hosting The Faces of Woodstock - How will you Live Leap Day Party: Saturday, February 29th

  • Bart Glasgow hosting a Meet and Greet in Waleska: Saturday, March 14th

  • Jeff Nevison helping with the Cherokee Veterans WeCareBoxes Drive: March 4th

  • Neil Scott-Barbour encouraging participation at the Lavish Women’s Retreat on March 27-29th and Souly Business on April 24-26th

  • Lynne Saunders Encompass Ministries leading the “Have a Heart for the Hungry” Campaign and providing Substance Abuse Family Support: Every Tuesday 6:45 pm – 8 pm

Please join us this coming week. We are a community of businesses coming together to learn, collaborate, grow and encourage each other in workplace ministry.

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