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Elevator Pitch Competition!

You have 30 seconds to share your story!

Sometimes all you get is 30 seconds to deliver an important message whether in business or important life situations. That was the challenge during our First Annual Networking Wednesday Elevator Pitch Competition!

Thank you to Jennifer Snyder, "People Connector," for leading a wonderful workshop on networking that helped prepare everyone for the competition.. Effective networking establishes credibility, builds new relationships and strengthens our influence in our workplace and community. Jennifer's elevator pitch framework and contact information is below.

The winners of the competition were Carol, Vickey & Marc.

Elevator Pitch Framework

1) Begin and close with your name and biz name.

2) Contain the following information

a) The Intent

b) The Obstacle

c) The Plan

3) Be no longer than 30 seconds!

Reach out to Jennifer to learn how to improve your message.

Jennifer Snyder

Philanthropy Culture Specialist

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