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Delight Ministries

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this week's meeting and hear Tiffany George share about her “working faith” and her new position with Delight Ministries. Thank you also for your generosity in the moment, as Tiffany received a number of checks and donations on the spot.

For those interested in giving online or committing monthly, here is the link to Tiffany’s support raising page: If you received one of Tiffany’s prayer cards yesterday, you can also access this site by scanning the QR code (found on the back of the prayer card) with your cell phone’s camera.

When giving online, it will ask you who the donation is on behalf of. Please put “Tiffany George” in that blank and add her email address on the next line:

Additionally, you will need to specify your “start” and “stop” dates when signing up for a monthly recurring gift. Your “start date” should be the date you want your donation to be taken each month. The “stop date” should be 10 months after the “start date.”

If you have any questions or issues when submitting your donation online, please contact Tiffany George at (404) 422-3579. Her contact information is also listed on the back of her prayer card. Attached is a copy of Tiffany’s prayer card, so we as a community may continue to lift her up in prayer throughout the year.

Tiffany George Prayer Commitment Card
Download PDF • 4.55MB

Finally, if you know anyone else who would be interested in helping Tiffany reach her goal of $38,000 by August 1st, please reach out and connect them with Tiffany. She would be happy to meet with them one-on-one to share more about the work God has called her to through Delight Ministries.


About Delight Ministries

● Delight is a nationwide ministry that strives to create invitational Christ-centered communities on college campuses that lead women to fall deeper in love with Jesus Christ. We are passionate about empowering college women in the name of Jesus to lead, disciple, and transform the culture of their campus for Christ.

● As the Southeast Regional Director, Tiffany will work to oversee, direct, and spiritually lead the Delight chapters in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and south Tennessee.

● Tiffany will be serving as a mentor to over 100 leaders in the 2021-22 school year and equipping Delight leadership teams with resources and materials to best lead the women on their campuses.

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