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We are a community of businesses coming together to learn, collaborate, grow and  encourage each other in workplace ministry. Our purpose is to live out our faith in the workplace as we pursue God's plan for each of us. We spend time in the Word and pray for our businesses & community while living out our mission.


Our format is education, encouragement, interaction, and mobilization. We discuss best practices & key issues, provide guest speakers, engage & support our community, and facilitate member networking.​

Our Mission

To Connect Christians in Business and equip them to Engage in Workplace Ministry by Providing Guidance and Support, Promoting Biblical Principles, and Creating Opportunities for Spiritual and Business Growth.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Establish a Network of Biblically Principled Businesses that are United in Faith and Committed to Growth, Serving our Community & Influencing Our Culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe there is no separation between Faith, Family, and Vocation. The work we do and the life we lead is established in the calling God has for us. We see our business, job or workplace as a mission field and a place for evangelism and discipleship.

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